Karen in Albany said, "TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!  I wholeheartedly recommend The Greensmith for gardening work. They have helped me with various tasks for more than 3 years now and I couldn't be more pleased. Jennifer is completely responsible, reliable, creative, and hard-working. And she does great clean-up work. Most importantly, my dog adores Jennifer!!"
Thank you, Karen.  And there are extra biscuits in store for Liza!  -Jennifer  
There are two translations here.1st - the Greensmith is amazing.  Everything looked at, picked, planted and watered (with a drip system of course) is thriving.  I love the all of the plants in my yard, and yes if you were standing next to me you would probably hear me saying things like "hey there yucca,  you're looking good", "greetings Mr. Canthanis [Miscanthus], you are amazing, have you looked in the mirror today, beautiful!", oh look at you Miss (the short thorny ones) [Agave], you're so smeakie".2nd - Ok, I'm a guy and that means any plant I've ever taken home I've eventually killed.  But not this time.  Every plant we picked, planted, and gave a "mans" touch has survive and is not dead.  And being a man I must repeat myself, all of the plants are alive and not dead.  I love coming home, checking on and talking to the plants, pulling a few weeds.  This is something totally new and amazing. Sincerely, Russell [Dimond District]
Yes, Russell, those agave are going to be "smeaky" for a few more years.  Thank you for being such a gracious host to your growing party of plants!  -Jennifer
Hayward in the Dimond District said, "She is truly a "Greensmith". She is agile, quick and knows what she is doing."
Thank you, Hayward.  Sometimes it comes down to vitamins and hydration.  Keep up the good work in Dimond Park!  -Jennifer
I am a professional gardener, and I have called upon Jenn for her expertise in irrigation and pond repair. She is an excellent irrigation specialist.  Jenn is wonderful and enjoyable to work with.  She is very knowledgeable, very thorough, thoughtful, and hardworking.  Most importantly, she is honest and reliable! -Green Justine
Thanks, Justine.  Your rofessional endorsement is greatly appreciated!  -Jennifer
I've been referring clients to Jennifer since we met in 2005.  Her installations are always well-planned and site appropriate, and she's fixed every irrigation system I've come across.  They say you can't get good quality, on time, at the right price, but they obviously haven't met her.  I appreciate knowing a landscaper who I can trust once I've taken care of the trees. -Molly Goulet Bolt, certified arborist
Thanks, Molly.  It has been great working with you as well!  -Jennifer
Jennifer was knowledgable, thorough and efficient in upgrading old drip irrigation systems in our front and back yards. She was an answer to our prayers to find someone so reliable! -Nancy & Dick (Dimond District)
From one Midwesterner to another, your endorsement means alot!  Thank you!  -Jennifer
The Greensmith has been an ongoing support to the Friends of Sausal Creek since 2008 when she began designing and installing a top-of-the-line irrigation system for FOSC's native plant nursery in Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland.  Her efforts toward this project have greatly contributed to FOSC's success in propagating more than 10,000 individual plants for habitat restoration throughout the Sausal Creek Watershed.  Jennifer's skilled knowledge in landscaping, irrigation design and maintenance, and water conservation techniques has been an invaluable asset to the organization. -Megan Hess, FOSC Nursery Manager, Restoration Cooordinator
Thanks Megan!  We do it for the warm fuzzies that come from knowing FOSC is out there motivating volunteers, educating folks, and improving Sausal Creek and our community.  -Jennifer  
How to describe the Greensmith: well, for sure, there is 'service with a Smile' -- often enough giving way to genuine laughter, for Greensmith is very witty.  But more than the pleasant workforce, Greensmith's considerable technical know-how is bound to impress; plant needs, landscaping, irrigation, hardscape: she knows her business.  My wife & I heartily recommend her. -Len & his wife, Piedmont
Thanks, Len.  We look forward to the next time something 'breaks.'  It's been a pleasure working for you!  -Jennifer