Two Birds with One Stone

This garden was installed twice.  The clients had a wedding planned at their home.  As we walked through the garden for the first time, together we saw how unlikely it would be for us to install a thoughtful, well-executed garden in the four weeks until the special day.  We proposed staging for the wedding with the plant palette that would comprise the final garden.  First thing we did was sheet mulch the front during which we took the old lawn, carved out grade changes and created mounds, and covered with 4" of whole tree mulch.  We brought in hundreds of plants, many on the verge of blooming, in mudflats and 4" through 15 gallon sizes.

 All of the plants were transplanted into peat pots.  The idea behind the peat pots was they were less noticeable than plastic.  Since we would be moving the plants into the long-term layout after the wedding, the peat pots also made handling them a second time far less traumatic and much cleaner.  These photos are of the final layout of plants primarily from the mixed evergreen community with the addition of accent stone work.